1. Why You Should Stop Hacking Your Life and Invest in The Journey

  2. Just Thought It Was Water. When I Stepped Back, My Jaw Dropped!

  3. Wow. So so beautiful…

  4. A 31 Year Old Was Sick Of Expensive Rent And High Costs. What He Did Took Guts... But Look Inside.

    This is pretty darn cool… yes it is small, but it is functional, beautiful, debt free (!) and look at the surrounding nature! Love it! 

  5. My band crush at the moment.. oh my - how amazing is his voice. Love. 

  6. Wow. This is so beautiful. Touches deep. Ugly crying. 


  7. ilovefabulousevents:

    Alain Loves Celeste.

    What an honour it was to be a part of the decor team on this incredible wedding. It being that of my cousin Alain (who is more like a brother to me) and his amazing now wife (YAY) Celeste made the whole experience so much more intense (and nerve wracking)! I may have had one or two (or maybe three) inadequacy-wobbles the night before whilst prepping the flowers, but in the end it all came together so beautifully. As it had to for this couple.

    The love they have for one another is that rare kind - when two people totally just blossom in each other’s presence. The kind that makes both people the best they can be, and it is easy, no without boundaries, because there is the bar of being your best,  but it is in that space that love rises so strong and pure and whole that it is the most natural thing in the world. Right there. 

    I will remember this special day as long as I breathe. And look forward to being there alongside the married journey with these two particularly precious souls whom I love so dearly. 

    It’s ones like these that make you believe in love and magic and miracles. And it’s so good to believe! 



    Decor and Flowers by I Love Fabulous. 

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  8. This is so amazing. 

  9. Wow - this is so amazing - how beautiful it is under water - was just thinking that sea creatures have such a gorgeous place to live in! Hope us silly humans stop polluting this marvellous planet of ours. 



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